Collection: Baltic Aquascaphe

Vintage styles dive deep

Baltic is getting its feet wet with the Acquascaphe collection which seamlessly blends a passion for vintage style with marine nostalgia. The Aquascaphe takes its design cues from the retro dive watches of the 1960s and 1970s with its minimalist dial layout and luminous markers that promote rapid time reading. Most watches include a rotating bezel with 120 clicks in the tradition of dive watches.

Elevating elegance

Baltic expands the refined appeal of its Aquaschape collection by applying a blue gilt finish to several of its models. As a testament to meticulous craftmanship, it’s a design choice meant to create a captivating visual harmony that exudes sophistication and a timeless charm.  

Pushing bounderies

Baltic has outfitted select Aquaschape models with a bidirectional internal bezel and pressure-sensitive spring-loaded case back which is a signature feature of super compressor watches. Featuring a triangle marker at 12 o’clock and 60-minute graduation, it ensures a precise measurement of the duration of a dive. In addition, these watches are outfitted with dual crowns for enhanced diving versatility. The crown at 4 o’clock adjusts the time, while the one at 2 o’clock controls the internal bezel.

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  • 42 hour power reserve

    All watches in the Acquascaphe collection include a power reserve of 42 hours. While they all rely on automatic winding, the majority of watches take advantage of the Miyota 9039 movement, while the a select few are powered by the Soprod C125 GMT.  

  • Engineered to endure

    The Acquascaphe models are designed with durability and longevity in mind, reflecting a commitment to robust construction. Baltic prioritizes the use of high-quality components such premium stainless steel or titanium for the cases and sapphire for watch crystals, ensuring resistance to scratches and impacts.

  • GMT function onboard

    Originally developed for pilots and frequent travelers so they can track multiple time zones simultaneously, the GMT function is present in some models of the Acquascaphe collection. To that end the GMT hand can be set independently of the local hour, allowing you to track the time in two distinct time zones. Aquascaphe GMT models also stand out due to the bicolored rotating bezel.