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Over a century of expertise

Nestled in the Swiss town of Le Locle, Doxa’s story began in 1889 with Georges Ducommun’s unique vision on the act of timekeeping. Driven by a passion for precision watch making, Ducommun sought to create high-quality timepieces that would last a life time. The brand’s name, Doxa (meaning “glory” in Greek), foreshadowed its future trajectory. Over time, Doxa watches gained recognition for their exceptional workmanship and ageless appeal, evolving into the illustrious timepieces they are today. 

Embracing diving early on

Doxa’s story took a bold turn in the early 20th century when they become diving watch pioneers. The brand has revolutionized the field by introducing the first commercially available diver’s watch with a helium release valve – a critical innovation that allows professional divers to safely expel helium gas build up during decompression. Fast forward to the 1970s, and Doxa’s Sub watch achieves iconic status among diving enthusiasts worldwide. This recognition reaches new heights when legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau and his team choose Doxa Sub watches for their underwater adventures.

A challenge overcome

The 1980s witnessed a seismic shift in the Swiss watch industry known as the “quartz crisis” that impacted even established brand like Doxa. Despite these hurdles, the brand sprit remained strong. In 1997, Doxa embarked on a remarkable journey of revival. Their mission? To reimagine their classic models for the modern era, ensuring their legacy continued to inspire. Today, Doxa, watches remain a testament of their rich history, offering the same exceptional quality, timeless style, and accessible price points that garnered the initial acclaim. These modern interruptions ensure Doxa continues to captivate watch enthusiast across generations.

Doxa Army Collection

The Doxa Army collection celebrates Doxa’s rich history of supplying timepieces to the elite Swiss Army Divers Unit. Reissued from a classic late 1960s model, the collection offers a choice between a timeless stainless steel bezels with black ceramic accents or a more modern bronze bezel with green ceramic. These professional-grade diving watches boasts Swiss-made automatic movements, impressive water resistance and a functional dial with luminous hands and markers for optimal underwater visibility.

Doxa Sub 1500T Collection

The Doxa Sub 1500T collection builds upon Doxa’s legacy for pioneering diving watches. These timepieces are crafted for serious underwater exploration, boasting a robust build with a cushion-shaped 316L stainless steel case that can withstand depths of up to 1,500 meters. The collection flaunts a duo of hallmark features - the Doxa-patented unidirectional bezel with diving table, crucial for decompression calculations and helium release valve. The timepieces rely on reliable Swiss-made automatic movements ensuring precise timekeeping.

Doxa Sub 300 Collection

Built for underwater adventure, the Doxa Sub 300 boasts a classic cushion-shaped case design with a comfortable size and include a precise Swiss made automatic movement. Once again, a key feature is the iconic Doxa unidirectional bezel, available in a multitude of colors throughout the collection, which adds a touch of personality while remaining functional for dive timing. Crafted to withstand the rigors of deep-sea diving, each watch in the collection boasts impressive water resistance (up to 300m) and a legible dial layout optimized for underwater readability.

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