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Casio's rugged arm

Casio isn’t just about digital watches! The brand’s G-Shock series, known for its exceptional durability, appeals to a diverse audience. Whether you’re braving the elements, competing in outdoor sports, seeking the latest tech or serving the community, there’s a G-Shock model for you. G Shock’s origins lie in a moment of disappointment. After witnessing the fragility of a watch received as a gift from his father, Casio’s lead designer Kikuo Ibe transformed that frustration into a mission to design an unbreakable timepiece. Wasting no time, he assembled a dedicated team of three, aptly named Project Team Tough in 1981. Together they embarked on the ambitious journey of bringing the vision of the indestructible watch to life. Nearly 200 prototypes later, the G-Shock DW-500C launched in 1983 after rigorous testing.

Elegance in durability

Over the years, G-Shock has become synonymous with resilience. Outfitted with robust cases and unparalleled shock resistance, these watches are built to weather any storm, both literal and figurative. Leveraging technical innovation, G-Shock has established itself as a global leader in durable and stylish timepieces. Their unwavering commitment to their original mission of creating indestructible watches has resonated with consumers worldwide, making them recognizable by anyone and a trusted brand frequently spotted in popular culture.

Crafted for your world

G-Shock doesn’t settle for one-size-fits-all approach. From the classic digital squares, sleek analog designs to the highly futuristic models, the brand boasts a diverse collection catering to various styles and needs. G-Shock isn’t just about rugged good looks. Beyond their signature durability, these timepieces offer a surprising depth of high-end features spread across the brand’s numerous models. Some models boast GPS navigation and solar charging, perfect for off-the-grid adventures. Others come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your watch with your smartphone for notifications and music control.

G-SHOCK GM2100 Collection

The G-Shock GM2100 collection includes a series of metal-clad watches that take inspiration from the octagonal design of the classic GA-2100 model. The new digital-analog timepieces come boasting a stainless steel bezel and caseback, a mineral crystal, and a resin band. The GA-2100 lets you stay on top of your life with a comprehensive set of features. These watches offer timekeeping with date and auto-calendar functions, a stopwatch for tracking your workouts, a timer for reminders, and a LED backlight for clear visibility in any environment.

G-SHOCK DW6900 Collection

G-Shock’s DW6900 lineup features a bold and recognizable design with a large resin case and comfortable strap made of the same materials. The timepieces are equipped with three unique circles that offer versatile functionality based on the watch’s current model, displaying various timekeeping and timer-related information. A perfect companion for active lifestyles and extreme sports enthusiasts, the DW6900 boasts shock resistance, an electro-luminescent backlight, and 200-meter water resistance, alongside additional features. 

G-SHOCK GMS-110 Collection

The G-Shock GMS-110 collection is composed of analog-digital combination watches designed for women who prioritize both style and functionality in everyday life. The timepieces feature a smaller and slimmer profile compared to traditional G Shock models, catering to more diminutive wrist sizes. Yet the GSM-110 does not compromise on features. The stylish watches come equipped a stopwatch, timer, alarm, auto-calendar, LED blacklight and a hand shift function, allowing temporary movement of the hands for improved visibility of the digital display.

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