G-SHOCK GM2100 Series

G-SHOCK GM2100 Series

Capitalising on the immense popularity of the resin-cased GA-2100 line, G-Shock swiftly introduced a premium iteration boasting a metal-clad construction and catering to watch enthusiasts seeking more a sophisticated aesthetic. Staying true to the original design, the GM-2100 retains the popular octagonal case shape, but elevates the aesthetic with a metal bezel construction.


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G-SHOCK GM2100 Series

Maximum endurance

The GM-2100 exemplifies G-Shock's commitment to durable timekeeping. It combines a though stainless steel bezel and a damage-resistant fibreglass inner case, further protected by a layer of reinforced resin around the module. For increased shock absorption, G-Shock has incorporated tiny protrusions within the inner case, minimising contact with the bezel and offering additional cushioning for the module.

The GM-2100 comes in two colour options: a versatile black and grey combination, and a luxurious gold and black paring for those seeking a more refined timepiece. The watch boasts a dynamic contrast between the top’s brushed finish and a mirror polish on the sides for an undeniably eye-catching look. A quick press of a button reveals all the essential timekeeping you need on the digital displays, like hours, minutes, seconds, as well as date, month or AM/PM depending on the mode.


Full spectrum onboard

Maintaining the essence of its resin counterpart, the GM-2100 offers a similar feature set in a slighter larger 44mm case. Notably it retains the impressive 200-metre water resistance rating, making it suitable for serious adventures. For worry-free timekeeping in low-light conditions, the watch hands are coated with Neobrite lume for enhanced nighttime legibility. The GM-2100 also comes with an illumination function, which can come handy in analog mode. The day of the week gets its own analog subdial on the left side of the watch for easy viewing.

Unwavering stamina

Built as a reliable adventure companion, the G-Shock GM-2100 is a timepiece you can rely on no matter where you find yourself. It’s dependable quartz movement keeps you on track for years to come, thanks to the long-lasting battery that promises up to 3 years of service before needing a replacement. Convenience is a key feature as well, as both models arrive with a comfortable and durable resin strap.