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G-Shock pushes the limits

It all started with the G-Shock GA-2100 collection. Its unique features – a slim design, an octagonal bezel, and a comfortable resin case – resonated strongly with users everywhere. So much so, that not long after G-Shock introduced the GM-2100. The new lineup honored the original’s design while offering a premium upgrade with a metallic bezel construction, catering to those who desired a more luxurious take on the popular GA-2100. The saga is now taking another exciting turn with the GMB-2100 series, which elevates the design to new heights with a full-metal construction for a an experience on unparalleled luxury.

Designed to be seen

The G-Shock GMB-2100 upholds the GA-2100’s tradition of offering clear and accessible information. The dial retains the classic combination of analog hands and a digital display. A digital window for displaying time and alarms occupies the space between 3 and 6 o’clock. At the same time, a dedicated subdial at 9 o’clock keeps track of specific functions, ensuring you have all the data you need at a glance. A scratch-resistant mineral glass shields the dial, while Neobrite luminescent material ensures the hands and markers glow in low-light conditions. For an extra boost of visibility, the GMB-2100 incorporates a double LED-backlight unit making the digital display crystal clear in any environment.

Uncompromisingly though

Crafted entirely from metal, the G-Shock GMB-2100 is the epitome of sophistication and strength. The case, measuring a slightly larger 49.8mm, was crafted using a unique three-step finishing technique that creates a striking three-dimensional effect. This is further complemented by an octagonal metal bezel and pusher buttons, which solidify the watch’s premium aesthetic. While the case is stainless steel on the outside, G-Shock has incorporated fine resin safeguards beneath the surface to shield the internal components and provide robust impact and shock resistance. To cater to individual preferences, G-Shock is offering the watch with four distinct IP finishes: classic silver, modern rode gold, bold yellow gold and versatile all-black option.

  • Japanese movement inside

    The G-Shock GMB-2100 boasts a Japanese-made Tough Solar quartz movement. This innovative technology harasses the power of light to keep your watch running for up to 18 months on a single charge. Furthermore, a power saving mode ensures the watch optimizes its energy usage, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures.

  • Hello Bluetooth

    The premium watch boasts Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with the G-Shock mobile app. This unlocks a variety of features that have the potential to enhance your everyday life. Travel with ease thanks to access to a database of 300 world time cities and automatic time adjustments. The app also has a phone finder function and it allows you to record location data with a single tap.

  • A feature powerhouse

    The G-Shock GMB-2100 does not compromise on functionality. In addition to its premium design, it also comes equipped with a full site of G-Shock's signature features, such as stopwatch, timer, hand-shift feature, battery level indicator and auto-calendar. For peace of mind, the GMB-2100 continues G-Shock’s legacy of water resistance withstanding depths of up to 200 meters.