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The digital king

Though originally producing calculators and other devices, Japanese brand Casio became a watchmaking icon in the 1970s with the first mass-produced digital watch. This revolutionized the industry, making timekeeping accessible and feature-rich. Options like water resistance, shock resistance, solar charging and even calculator functions as a nod to the company’s legacy, have set Casio watches apart over the years. While digital remains a core strength, today Cassio offers diverse styles including classic analog designs and sporty G-Shock models.

Made to last a lifetime

Whether you’re tackling an active lifestyle or just need a dependable everyday watch, Casio has you covered. Their timepieces are known for their durability, often featuring water resistance and shock-proof constructions. To top it off, they typically offer impressive battery life, keeping you worry-free about constantly charging your timekeeper. A pioneer in adopting quartz technology for watches, Casio’s current portfolio includes models that offer impressive 10-year battery lives. Beyond the functional appeal, Casio watches are a fashion statement, with celebrities like Bill Gates, Serena Williams and Dwayne Johnson having been spotted wearing them.

Casio & films: a love affair

Beyond everyday adventures, Casio watches have carved a unique niche in action movies, particularly those with futuristic storylines and sci-fi themes. Their designs, often characterized by a forward thinking aesthetic and sporty edge, set them apart from traditional timepieces on the market, resonating perfectly with audiences drawn to thrilling narratives. Since Marty McFly’s futuristic calculator watch stole the show in Back to the Future (1985), Casio has become a recurring timepiece in Hollywood movies. From Jake Sully’s sleek digital display in the original Avatar to Owen Grady’s rugged G-Shock in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, and Raoul Bova’s ultra-modern timepiece, these movies all feature characters who rely on Casio watches for their functionality and distinctive style.

Casio LF20 Collection

The Casio LF20 series pays homage to the classic Casio Twin Graph from the 1980s. It offers a blend of vintage aesthetics with modern features and functionality, making it a great choice for those who appreciate retro accessories with a modern twist. The LF20 square-shaped case is reminiscent of the original Twin Graph, but has now been made slimmer and features a lighter profile for improved comfort. Casio has kept the analog-style sundial on the LF20 on the upper right corner for unique visual appeal.

CASIO CA500 Collection

The Casio CA500 line of digital calculator watches represent a revival of the popular CA-53 models from the 1980s. The new timepieces retain the iconic oblong case of the originals, but with a elevated premium feel thanks to the stainless steel bands. The defining feature is an 8-digitit calculator making the CA500 a practical and nostalgic accessory.

Casio Duro Collection

The Casio Duro series is renowned for its robustness as well as timeless style. Offering a classic dive watch aesthetic with bold hands and clear markings, these timepieces are ideal for those seeking dependable and reasonably priced wrist companions. Duro watches come boasting a stainless steel case and strap to ensure shock resistance and long-lasting wear. For adventurers who enjoy swimming and snorkeling, the watches feature 200-meter water resistance.

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