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Casio throws us back to the 70s with a modern twist! The A1100 collection reimages the iconic Casio 52QS-14B model that was a consumer favorite. Featuring a full metal construction for a touch of luxury, the A1100 retains the original’s classic design elements with a unique blend of retro charm and modern sophistication. The A1100 offers a variety of color options, including a black model featuring a distinctive green LCD display. Inspired by vintage computer monitors, this design choice adds a playful, retro touch to the watch’s aesthetic.

Renew your nostalgia

Known for its rich heritage, Casio frequently taps into its archives to reimagine iconic designs that have garnered enduring popularity among consumers. The A1100 series marks one of the latest additions to Casio’s portfolio of revamped classics.

The new collection draws inspiration from the Casio 52QS-14B model which was first introduced in 1978, offering a modern take on the timeless design. Compared to its predecessor, the A1100 undergoes a significant design shift with a premium metal construction, while it maintains the four signature buttons that were a defining feature and contributed to the original’s enduring popularity.

Gone is the plastic!

The A1100 takes the original design to the next level with a full stainless steel case of 35mm, replacing the combination of resin and stainless steel for a more sophisticated and visually appealing look. The A1100 carries over the original’s frontal function buttons, now constructed from metal as well, for an even more premium feel.

Additionally, the function labels remain, maintaining the watch’s unique visual identity and user friendliness. These modern takes on vintage designs come in silver, black or gold and offer water resistance, making them suitable for everyday wear in various weather conditions. More than just a watch, the A1100 is a statement piece. It’s multi-row metal bracelet elevates the design and creates a distinctly upscale appearance. The black and gold models boast IP finishing on the case and band.

A full package

The Casio A1100 boasts a functional combination of quartz movement and various features. This includes a 1/10 second stopwatch for measuring elapsed time up to 59 minutes and 59.9 seconds, a daily alarm for setting reminders, an hourly time signal for staying on track and an automatic calendar (28 for February.) For enhanced readability in low-light conditions, the A1000 features an LED backlight. Additionally, these new models weigh only 90s grams, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day. The A1100 prioritizes convenience with its long lasting battery that is estimated to provide up to 3 years of continuous use, minimizing the need for replacement.