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Casio expands vintage line

Those of you who are nostalgic of Casio’s CA-53 models that made a splash in the 80s rejoice! Bringing back a piece of history, Casio has reimagined its beloved calculator watches by introducing the the sleek and modern CA-500 series. This collection celebrates the past while incorporating contemporary design elements. Replacing plastic with metallic materials, the CA-500 elevates the iconic CA-53 design with an up-to-date and stylish look. Enjoy extended wear with the CA-500’s impressive battery life. Whether you’re out for a run or just caught in the rain, the water resistance has you covered.

A modern twist on classic style

The CA-500 collection comes in two distinct styles: a timeless silver model (CA-500WE1A) with a positive display, and a sleek gunmetal version (CA-500WEG1B) with a negative display.  The timepieces feature a comfortable oblong metallic case, measuring 43.2mm in length, 34.4mm in width, and boasting a profile of only 8.2mm. The silver model includes a sleek chrome finish, while the gunmetal version goes for a contemporary ion plating. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the bracelets offer a premium feel with the gunmetal version utilizing ion plating for a unique aesthetic. Remarkably lightweight at 53 grams, the watches guarantee comfortable wear during any activity.

Calculator on board

The heart of the CA-500 collection lies in the versatile Casio 3558 module. Beyond telling time, the CA-500 empowers its users with five versatile modes. Whether you need to crunch numbers, set an alarm, track a different time zone, or time an event, this was has you covered.  Users can easily switch between the five different modes using the right side pusher. The Calculator mode allows for 8-digit computations display on the LCD that features subtle accent colors on the operator symbols for a cool futuristic look.