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About Blok

The Blok Watch Company was founded by James and Neil, two watch nerds with a passion for serious timepieces. In 2019, frustrated by the lack of quality watches for kids, they embarked on a mission to create something exceptional. Drawing on their background in industrial design, they set out to build a timepiece that would not only withstand the rough and tumble of childhood adventures but also teach valuable time management skills.

Their journey was a challenging one, but after almost three years of dedication, they succeeded in crafting a remarkable watch. At the heart of their timepiece is Swiss precision. Their watches use a 10-year life ETA movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping for years to come. The durability of their watch is evident with its 2mm thick sapphire crystal and impressive water resistance of over 300 feet, making it suitable for any unexpected aquatic escapades.

One unique feature of their watch is the screw-down crown positioned on the left of the case, a subtle nod to those in the know. The rotating bezel allows for easy alignment of blocks, enabling children to visualise and understand the passage of time. Whether it's counting down the minutes until dinner is ready or managing their schedule, Blok watches promot the development of essential skills in a playful manner.