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Mitch's Favourite Watch Picks

As the studio manager, I often feel it’s my duty to lead my team through good purchasing decisions. I’m see myself as their father figure, a mentor/yogi in matters of high horology. I’m their Jedi Master and they are my Padawan.

None of that is true, obviously. Although a guy can dream about being seen as an authority in their field. The closest the team gets to agreeing with me on something is when we ‘agree to disagree’. What a disappointment, pulling rank isn’t usually my style but I will if I have to.

We have a lot of fun in the studio arguing over the next big thing, what watch has the better proportions or which movement is better. And like any true fan, I think about my ‘to buy’ shortlist daily and although my colleagues will disagree, my choices are the best. End of discussion.

I don’t want to hear it Alex….

Nivada Grenchen F77 Lapus Lazuli Stone Dial in Steel

I fell in love with the standard dial F77 when it came out, the proportions of the case, the surface finishing and the overall classic 70s vibes had me smitten. When they came out with their stone dials however, it was game over for me. Little do most people know, but I used to be a free spirited hippie back in the early 2000s and Lapus was my stone. It aligned my chakras or something… If this post gets enough love I’ll upload a photo of me with a bead covered dreadlock, I promise.

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few of these and each dial is different. Some have more gold dust and some are darker blue. If you want something unique, this is the watch.

Furlan Marri Outback Elegy

Being born in New Zealand means I’m not beholden to any patriotic responsibilities, I don’t have to like watches that take their inspiration from Australiana or are painted in green and gold. When it comes to the Outback Elegy, I can be totally objective, and objectively it’s bloody gorgeous.

The dial is in a beautiful shade of brown (not easy) and the movement is finished better than that of much more expensive watches. Once you see the Outback Elegy in person, I have no doubt you will see what I see. It’s incredible and I think one of the best watches in the studio.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Ceramic Compression Diver Automatic Rubber Strap Watch

If I lived in Miami and frequented the local tanning parlour, I wouldn’t take this watch off.

The colours are so much fun, and the case construction is more interesting than your average steel dive watch. It’s a steel core with a ceramic layer on top of it. Light weight and scratch resistant. It’s a modern dive watch from a brand with incredible history. Now I just need a thick gold chain and some chest hair.

Mido Ocean Star GMT 40.5 - Stainless Steel and Aluminium Bezel - Blue Dial

Something about the Ocean Star GMT’s dial-to-case ratio just does it for me. Proportion is the name of the game here. It’s the ideal travel watch from a criminally underrated company that’s less complex than the Decompression world timer bit still has the visual interest to keep me coming back. Plus that bracelet is like wearing a chainmail glove, smooooth.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm - White Dial Black Nato

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is a watch that should be illegal not to own as a watch enthusiast. It’s up there with the Submariner and Speedmaster in terms of Icon status but at a fraction of the price.

My pick is the new white dial, black Nato strap version. I love the monochrome look and how legible it is. It offers an excelent connection to the past while giving you the modern look that a man like myself is after. I’m not old I swear, my mid life crisis is years away.


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