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Watches that tell stories

The genesis of Furlan Marri can be traced to a fortuitous encounter between Andrea Furlan, a gifted industrial designer with a profound appreciation for Swiss craftmanship, and Hamad Al Marri, a passionate watch collector and artist. Their shared enthusiasm for Swiss watchmaking ignited a collaboration that redefined the landscape of affordable luxury watches. As a young watch brand, Furlan Marri seeks to carve out a niche through its dedication to storytelling. Each timepiece is imbued with a unique narrative, reflecting the company’s dedication to superior quality and timeless design.

An uncompromising experience

Furlan Marri timepieces draw inspiration from classic watch designs, capturing the essence of timeless elegance and sophistication. Their clean lines, exquisitely refined details and elegant silhouettes exclude a timeless appear that will never go out of fashion. The brand provides a varied selection of models encompassing dress watches and sporty chronographs, to accommodate a wide array of styles and preferences.

Out in plain view

Furlan Marri is dedicated to transparency, also maintaining an ongoing commitment to always staying accessible to its customers. The brand sources most of its components from Hong Kong and Japan, while Italy and France are the go-to destinations for straps and accessories. All watches are imagined, sketched, designed and pre-prototyped in the Furlan Marri’s design studio in Geneva, Switzerland.

Furlan Marri Mechaquartz

Furlan Marri’s  Mechaquartz collection draws inspiration from vintage chronographs, particularly those dating back to the mid-20th century, while incorporating modern refinements and technological advancements. These timepieces are driven by a mechaquartz - a hybrid movement that fuses the precision of a mechanical movement with the accuracy and reliability of a quartz one.

Furlan Marri Mechanical

The Mechanical collection from the brand harmoniously blends the finest elements of vintage timepieces to create dress watch-style offerings. These timepieces are equipped with a Swiss-made G100 movement crafted by La-Joux Perret and boasting a substantial 68-hour power reserve.

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