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Evolution of a classic favorite

The LF20 series adds a new chapter to Casio’s ongoing effort to update classic designs for the modern era. Inspired by the 1985 Casio AE-20W Twin-Graph, the LF20 series isn’t simply a replica. It’s a clean reinterpretation featuring a modernized design while retaining the original’s core elements. Beyond its unique design the LF20 offers practical functionality especially for frequent travelers, including the ability to track time in 48 cities across 31 time zones.

Unisex models made for any wrist

The LF20 boasts a lightweight and comfortable case with dimensions of 37.8mm x 33.7mm x 8.6mm. This compact design ensures a satisfying wear experience without compromising on style. While the LF20 series takes inspiration from the 80s model, it elevates the design with cleaner lines, precise angles, and well-considered proportions creating a more refined and elegant aesthetic, appealing to modern sensibilities. Available in celadon green and dark burgundy, the LF20 comes with matching straps made from plant-based bio-resins created from renewable materials that offer an ergonomic fit while contributing to reduced environment impact by lowering CO2 emissions.

A deluge of functionality

The LF20 series features a distinctive LED display with a unique layout that visually divides the space. The watch’s versatile display features both an analog clock and digital time, making it extra easy to tell the time at a glance. A handy graphic in the upper right corner keeps you updated on the progress of various functions. The LF20 timepieces are packed with practical features including a stopwatch, 5 daily alarms, LED lighting and countdown timer. Casio also offers water-resistance, making these models a practical choice for everyday activities, ensuring worry-free wear regardless of conditions. Powered by a quartz movement, the LF20 lines boasts an impressive 3 year battery life so you can always be on time wherever you go.