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A new chapter in F77 evolution

Nivada Grenchen rewrites the definition of luxury sports watches with the F77 Stone Dials collection. Building upon the legacy of the F77 model from the 70s, this innovative lineup features four timepieces that combine modern luxury with timeless design. While the core elements of the original F77 are maintained, the Stone Dials collection offers an unexpected and breathtaking upgrade. The result is a captivating series of lightweight, robust, and undeniably stylish watches guaranteed to become treasured companions.

Titanium or stainless steel?

The Nivada Grenchen Stone Dials collection introduces a compelling choice for watch enthusiasts. Two models boast a cutting-edge Titanium Grade 5 case, offering exceptional durability while remaining remarkably lightweight – perfect for those who value comfort without sacrificing strength. The other two models retain the familiar and dependable stainless steel case seen in the previous F77 collection. Regardless of the case material, all four watches share a wear-friendly size with a compact 37mm case that integrates seamlessly with the bracelet for a comfortable and stylish timepiece.

Dialing up the style

Nivada Grenchen Stone Dials collection boldly puts the spotlight on the dial. Each of the four models boasts a unique masterpiece. The Titanium Meteorite model comes with a spectacular dial crafted from meteorite material, showcasing captivating grey geometric patterns and a one of-a-kind texture that evokes the wonders of outer space. Those who appreciate a touch of history can opt for the Titanium Anthracite, which retains the spirit of the original F77 with its stunning basket weave textured dial in anthracite gray. The stainless steel options offer a choice between timeless elegance and celestial inspiration. The Lapis Lazuli version features a dial cut from genuine lapis lazuli, creating a mesmerizing display of blue hues. For a touch of magic, the Dark Blue Aventurine utilizes aventurine, a gemstone known for its shimmering inclusions that resemble a starry expanse, transforming your wrist into a miniature night sky.

  • Swiss power& heritage

    Nivada Grenchen maintains its commitment to Swiss quality with the F77 Stone Dials collections. Just like the standard F77, these timepieces are powered by a dependable Swiss-made Soprod P024 automatic movement. This self-winding engine boasts a 38-hour power reserve, ensuring it keeps up with your daily activities.

  • Ready to dive

    Despite being super stylish, the Nivada Grenchen Stone Dials collection is also practical. Drawing on their dive watch legacy, these timepieces offer a water resistance rating of 100 meters. This allows you to wear the watch during various activities, from water sports to everyday tasks. The screw down crown, featuring the Nivada Grenchen N logo, reinforces the watch’s durability.

  • Iconic elements onboard

    All Nivada Gretchen F77 Stones models retain the baton-style hour indices and signature hands with Super-LumiNova material. Unlike on the standard F77, the date feature is omitted. Nivada purposely made this design choice to ensure that nothing detracts from the creative presentation of the dials.