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Casio sets sail

Casio might be best known for its line of digital watches, but its portfolio includes some odd ducks. Introducing the Casio Duro collection – a line of watches that was inspired by none other than the classic dive watches of old. Casio originally offered the Casio Duro (MDV 106) model, which earned the nickname Marlin due to the presence of an fish illustration on the dial and the swordfish-like impression on the caseback. These symbols have been removed from the revamped Casio Duro models which are also offered in new color options including the popular red-blue Pepsi combination on the bezel, along with a black-blue and full green one.

Maximum features, minimal price

The Casio Duro challenges expectations by offering a range of functionalities typically found in premium dive watches, all at an accessible price point. This combination of affordability and features makes it a unique and attractive choice for any value-conscious watch enthusiast. Built to withstand the depths, the new Duro inherits the original’s 200 meter water resistance.

Its 44mm stainless steel case boasts screw-down features on the caseback and crow, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Casio has incorporated scratch-resistant mineral glass and luminescent markings on hands and indices, ensuring optimal visibility in various lighting conditions. Moreover, the timepieces feature a unidirectional rotating bezel with 120 distinct clicks, providing a practical tool for divers and individuals who need to track elapsed time effectively.

Date at a glance

The new Casio Duro models are powered by the reliable Casio 2784 Quartz module, which boasts an impressive battery life of up to 3 years. This ensures long-lasting performance without frequent battery replacements. The Casio Duro goes beyond basic timekeeping with a convenient date display. This feature proves valuable for divers who need to record their dive dates for logs and documentation, while also being a practical addition for everyday use, allowing you to easily check the date. Combining elegance and resilience, the new Duro comes with a stainless steel across all models, offering a touch of sophistication while ensuring longevity.