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New kid on the block

Building on the success of the Bicompax 002, Baltic has expanded its chronograph collection with the new Bicompax 003 model. The latest Bicompax retains the series’ signature simplicity, affordability, and vintage inspired design, with some key updates including a downgrade in size. The watch is offered with a salmon dial – a color that’s in popular demand – and in combination with a black strap.

Nuanced design updates

The Bicompax 003 offers a miniature take on the Bicompax design, coming with a 36.5mm case dimeter compared to the 38mm of the 002 model, while maintaining the same 13mm thickness. The upgraded case size offers a comfortable experience even for those with smaller wrists, without sacrificing readability. Beyond the size reduction, the new iteration introduces an upgraded sector dial which demonstrates Baltic’s commitment to perpetual design evolution.

Elevating the sector dial

Staying true to the 1940s chronograph influences seen in its predecessors, the Bicompax 003 introduces a subtle twist through its refreshed dial design. With this model Baltichas simplifies the dial layout, adding Arabic numerals only at 12 and 6 o’clock which are complemented by baton indices and chronograph subdials at 3 and 9. Larger leaf-shaped hands and contrasting textures elevate the Bicompax 003 even further. For added visual appeal, the dial flaunts a brushed railway that encircles the brushed sector, while the reminder of the dial boasts a matte sandblasted finish.

Seagull caliber inside

The Bicompax 003, like its predecessors, relies on the reliable Seagull ST1901 hand wound mechanical chronograph movement, a modern interpretation of the classic Venus 175. Powered by a 42-hour reserve, the watch offers reliable performance with long-lasting accuracy. It provides additional functionality with the built-in chronograph that can time up to 30 minutes. All components are manufactured in China and assembled in France for quality control. Whether you prefer a clean aesthetic or a peek into the watchmaking magic, the Bicompax 003 has you covered with a choice between two casebacks.