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Redefining the dress watch

The Baltic MR01 collection draws inspiration from various sources, with the main focus being on classic dress watches from the mid-20th century. Each timepiece in the lineup showcases a traditional round case, a sleek profile, a visually arresting dial with Breguet numerals and graceful hands. With the MR01 collection, Baltic continues to demonstrate its commitment to affordable watches that combine exquisite elegance with modern appeal.

Thinnest Baltic yet

At 36mm in diameter, the MR01 offers a more compact size that caters to both ladies and gentlemen seeking a versatile timepiece. Powered by an impressive micro-rotor movement manufactured by Chinese watchmaker Hangzhou, the MR01 achieves an thin 9.9mm profile without sacrificing mechanical complexity. Baltic also doesn’t shy away from color with the MR01. The coveted salmon dial stands out, while elegant blue, timeless silver, and versatile black offer alternative choices.

A feast for the eyes

Consistent with the brand’s aesthetic so far, the MR01 offers a well-designed and visually appealing dial. The inclusion of well-executed Breguet numerals is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, perfectly complementing the subtle grained dial. A seconds sub dial sits at the 7’clock position, its circular graining providing a contrasting texture and contributing to the dial’s slightly off-center aesthetic. In keeping with traditional watchmaking styles, the watch features a domed hesalite crystal, which adds a subtle distortion effect.

The backstage wonder

The MR01 collection ticks thanks to the Hangzhou 5000A, a self-winding movement equipped with a top-notch micro-rotor design. Its 30 jewels ensure smooth operation and minimize wear, while its 28,800 vibrations per hour guarantee precise timekeeping. When fully wound, the 42-hour power reserve keeps the watch ticking even if you take it off for a couple of days. Even better, you can admire the 30mm caliber through the display case of the MR01, gaining insight a movement that blends the timeless aesthetic of a hand wound watch with the modern ease of automatic winding.