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Reconnecting with heritage

Hamilton is paying tribute to its American roots with this collection that includes a variety of classic and timeless designs that often draw inspiration from the brand’s historical models. Established in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hamilton’s influence has historically extended across diverse sectors such as aviation, military and cinema and this is evident in the design and characteristics of the watches in the collection.

For the love of chronographs

Situated at the crossroads between vintage and modern eras, the American Classic chronograph watches are offered in a variety of dial colors, strap options and either automatic or mechanical movements. Beyond their stylish accessory appeal, these timepieces function as practical tools for individuals who require accurate timing for various activities, such as sports or other time-sensitive pursuits.

Digital delight

Part of the American Classic collection, the Hamilton PSR models continue the tradition of the iconic Pulsar watch that was the first electronic digital watch to be introduced on the market in the 1970s. Featuring a retro-futuristic design with modern touches, these distinct timepieces flaunt a hybrid LCD and OLED display and backlight. Inside there’s a high-quality Swiss quartz movement for accurate timekeeping and reliability.

Art Deco charm

The Boulton models have been a consistent presence of the Hamilton portfolio ever since their introduction in 1940. Infused with a hint of modernity, the Boulton watch now steps into the modern era bearing its timeless yet striking looks. The watches bear striking retro-inspired details such as curved dials, elongated indices and classic hands that bestow a vintage charm that will appeal to watch aficionados and collectors. Models offer a choice between quartz and mechanical movements.

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