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Our best Casio and G-Shock watches

As one of the most trusted names in the watch industry, Casio has been synonymous with quality, innovation, durability and value for decades. You simply can't talk about watches without talking about Casio. Their G-Shock line in particular has become a symbol of resilience and style for watch enthusiasts worldwide - every good watch collection needs a G-Shock (or two, or three...)

Click the buttons below to discover our entire Casio and G-Shock range or keep reading to see some of the team's favourite watches.


Indulge your love for gadgety design and embrace your inner nerd. The Casio "calculator watch", which has been a perennial favourite since its 1980s debut, gets a high-quality and modern stainless steel makeover. Impress your friends with your quick maths "skills".


Introducing the "Bill Gates Batman": a bicolour take on the popular Casio Duro, which billionaire Bill Gates famously wears. Why Batman? IYKYK.

Boasting a 200-metre water resistance rating and a screw-down caseback; a unidirectional diving bezel and a steel bracelet, this is an exceptional daily wearer.

3. G-SHOCK GA2100P-1A

It could be argued that the GA2100, also known as the "CasiOak", is one of the best watches released in the last 10 years. Based on the original DW-5000C, the GA2100 is a refined resin octagonal digital watch that has gained a cult-like following. We love this blacked-out version with subtle pink marks above the indices. 

4. G-SHOCK GMS5600-1D

The GMS5600 is a downsized version of the iconic 5600 series. Sporting a stainless steel case and a softer resin band, this watch is perfect do-anything watch: wear it to the office, the bar or on the sports field. 


The GMW-B5000 Series goes beast-mode, referencing the original DW-5000C but giving it a full metal treatment in gold DLC. It comes with a range of features including a film solar cell with Tough-Solar technology, Bluetooth connectivity, LED backlighting and 200 metres of water resistance.

Whether you're a seasoned watch nut or simply looking for a reliable timepiece to accompany you on your adventures, Casio and G-Shock have something for everyone.

Visit the Time+Tide Shop now to explore our curated selection of Casio and G-Shock watches. We're stocking a select range of pieces that we think are must-haves for all watch collectors. You'll also be able to try them on in our Studio on Collins St.

And thank you for being a valued member of the Time+Tide community - it's thanks to your support and feedback that we've been able to grow our range and bring cool watches like these G-Shocks and Casios to the fore.



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